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And to that I hold. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.
Q: doesn't matter who i am, does it? Quiet has been in my wishlist for months now, but i had other books to buy before this one so... yeah, maybe i'll order when i'll have some money, next month maybe. I've actually watched the beginning of her ted talk but i didn't really have time to finish it :( SO yes, that's it really, good night Candice, wherever you are, and thank you :))

I’m a curious bird ;). Anyway thanks for all of your kind words, love to exchange ! 

I could give you the ebook tho if you want. Good night Anon’ ! 


Nikita Gill - A Quiet Day In Wonderland (2014)

Q: Saluuuut (oui je parle français je sais pas pourquoi je me disais que peut-être ce serait bien mais en fait je vais parler anglais ce sera moins bizarre) So, i don't know if you remember me but i'm the anon who told you you were my tumblr crush, so... yeah, i juste found out about the Myers-Briggs type indicator because of you and it's soooo interesting. I made some research and i'm actually an INTP. I was just wondering: How did you discover the thing? xx

A friend of mine talked me about it! 

You should read the book Quiet by Susan Cain and you should definitely watch her ted talk :) 

But who are you anon ? :) 


time for haircut


by chantal anderson

In this picture from the early 1940s, travelers in California’s San Joaquin Valley gather owl’s clover and blue lupine in a field along Route 99.

Free spirits and wild flowers, 07/25/14

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"Guru Candice" :))

Yep … ahah :D 

(via Being More Positive - Sense & Sensibility )
New Blog Post on my “real” blog :)

Q: Hello! I really couldn't help but wonder what camera you use. I love the crispness and contrast that's present in a lot of your photos. I've been meaning to get into photography, but I want a certain look and your photos are very inspiring. :) Also, I'm an INFJ (have studied the functions and indeed I am) and a Ravenclaw. :3

Hello dear ! 

I have a Canon 7D with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 :) Thank you so much for the compliments. I guess you could start by taking online classes and reading blog, it helps for the creativity and also to understand the trickier parts. 

I could always help you if you need me ! :) 

YAY fellow INF-Ravenclaw <3

Have a great day



Can we all be Emma, please

I love intelligent women.

Tuscany, Italy


The sea was so nice today it’s unreal

I miss going to school. Is that weird? I think it’s mainly because I don’t have to shop for supplies anymore and it was the best part about going to school/uni. That and having beautiful notes.